Your business depends on reliable internet service and prompt customer service, so why would you choose to use a phone company for your business internet access when you could be using QNET?

When you use QNET for your Business DSL service, you get high speed, high reliability, and responsive customer service all from one company. QNET Business DSL -- for businesses that want all the benefits of DSL without all the hassles of having to deal with the phone company.

Already have DSL from another provider? No problem! Switching your DSL to QNET is fast and easy. Most DSL subscribers can make the switch with less than 30 minutes of downtime. To upgrade your DSL to QNET, call us today.

DSL Service Plan
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
Business 768
Business 1500
Business 3000
Business 6000

DSL Service includes the following:

  • 1 Static IP Address
  • 10 Email Addresses
  • 50MB of Personal Web Space
  • Unlmiited hours of Dialup Internet Access

Additional QNET DSL Requirements (if needed)
DSL Router/Modem with 2 Filters
Required for DSL
Network Interface Card (NIC)
Required for DSL
Professional Installation

Other QNET DSL Services
IP Addresses
30 and above
Call for prices

*One (1) bill from QNET

Acceptance of QNET's Terms of Service required. All DSL Business plans require a six (6) month service commitment. Equipment charges and $25 early termination fee may apply.

Changes in service level are subject to a $35.00 order fee.

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